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News & media features in * GRUB MAGAZINE * LOCAL FOOD SURREY * TWITTER * in December 2011

GRUB MAGAZINE - Your local foodie magazine, is an amazing title covering eating out, eating in, travel, wine and homes. Grub is a national brand with regional, targeted content, making it a must-buy for anyone who is passionate about food. "Our local area in Surrey has a vibrant and burgeoning restaurant scene which is currently unsupported by a quality read to inform the thousands of foodies about quality local produce and where to make good use of their taste buds" Giles Morgan, CEO, Bespoken

LOCALFOODSURREY.COM - Is all about enabling food-lovers to find great food and drink in Surrey. Many of the businesses we list sell products which have a strong local link – they may be produced in Surrey or prepared in Surrey. There are some great local, independent businesses out there that deserve to be championed for making a real contribution to the wealth of foods available in Surrey.

TWITTER - Our following is growing all the time and we had some retreats by WAHACA and THOMASINA MIERS who passionately endorses CHOCLATL.

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