WE LOVE FESTIVALS!!! Sharing the Passion!

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From tasting pure cacao nibs, smelling our CHOCLATL DISCOVERY CHEST, our brand new little CHOCPOTS, to serving CHOCLATL-MAYAN in our extremely large CHOCPOT!
The team at Hatchlands Park made us feel very welcome and everyone who stopped by our CHOC-GAZEBO were treated to an introduction to how chocolate was discovered thousands of years ago and how it should truly be enjoyed as a drink. We are excited to hear from some lovely ladies who are creating recipes using both our CHOCLATL-PURE and CHOCLATL-MAYAN! And it was a great way to officially launch our successful retail CHOCPOTS! To taste our Choclatl and then go home and make your own recipe of hot chocolate - what better way to share our passion and our journey :)

A huge thank you to The National Trust for their wonderful support and to all our new followers on Twitter and our Facebook page.
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