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It was such a privilege for us to participate at this event as Good Food Champions and the response to our CHOCLATL has been absolutely phenomenal! Apparently the aromas coming from our hot CHOCLATL-MAYAN were followed from the other side of Olympia! We met some wonderful, wonderful people who shared our passion and loved our products and many of whom returned to our stand 3-5 times bringing friends and more excitement to our #CHOCREV!!! We had so much interest we actually sold out 3 times over the weekend! We even had to 'borrow' pots from a supermarket in order to meet the huge demand on Sunday when we sold our CHOCPOTS as 200g treats! And then we SOLD OUT AGAIN by 4pm!!! We honestly can't make our CHOCLATL fast enough!

We experienced many exciting moments and absolutely loved the buzz around our stand! We had true aficionados, professional chocolate tasters, chocaholics, industry experts, chefs, a few MasterChefs too - The lovely Shelina & amazing Ash, food journalists, largescale operations representatives, huge events and media invitations, fabulous foodies and hot chocolate loving children, who all impressively drank our CHOCLATL - straight up espresso style! There's nothing better than immediate feedback and being able to share our passion! Both Gavin and myself (Anjali, the A in A&G!) loved talking about the history, the science and education about the cacao bean to all the amazing ways one can use our pure cacao concentrate to bake with, make a luxurious dessert sauce to hot or chilled festive cocktails and of course all the possible variations as a hot chocolate. As part of our #CHOCREV we invite our customers to tell us about any new recipes they come up with and we'll post them here on our RECIPES PAGE and to our Facebook and Twitter pages :)

We hope we created a few new FOOD MEMORIES at the show and continue to do so when you make your own CHOCLATL at home.

With all our thanks to everyone who came to see us at our stand, who shared a taster, bought a CHOCPOT or 2 or 4 and even quite a few large 1kgs CHOCPOTS, to all the new fans and followers and for all the support we've had from all of you, THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A HUGE PART OF OUR STORY & JOURNEY x

Anjali & Gavin
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