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We hope to make even more people happy with our new online CHOCLATL-SHOP! We love nothing more than sharing our products and reaching a wider audience. Currently, orders are limited to the UK, but with interest coming from Europe, Canada, USA and South Africa, we will need to do much more soon!

You can now purchase the sweet little mini CHOCPOTS, which are just great as special gifts, our medium 500g CHOCPOT for a bigger batch, right up to our large 1kg CHOCPOT to keep you well topped up! And we are also offering good deals on CASES for both the mini and large CHOCPOTS should you wish to stock up or have plenty to give to friends and family <3

We totally love receiving your wonderful feedback and recipes, so do please keep us posted and let us know about your own CHOCLATL experiences :)

* Another lovely boost for our #CHOCREV *
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