Coming soon in BRITISH VOGUE ...

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We have the tremendous privilege of being invited to be part of the forthcoming festive issue of VOGUE MAGAZINE. This is the one full of party season inspiration from party dresses to amazing cocktails :)

VOGUE will be featuring our HOT CHOCLATL MAYAN served straight up in a shot glass with a splosh of dark rum. This as you may know is our special signature drink and the one we celebrate all year round with but most especially during Christmas and New Year :)

And we may not have mentioned it but we are indeed very lucky to have Anjali (the A in the A&G) who is also a photographer and has not only produced the VOGUE featured image but also everything else on our website! A big hoorah shout out to her and all her hard work throughout the year.

The countdown to Christmas begins and now also for the 9th of December!!!
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