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It was practically a 24hr party from start to finish! Anyone organising an event appreciates how much is involved addressing every single detail, when planning and executing successfully. Our tremendous thanks to Wahaca & the event organisers for inviting us to take part in this HUGE event, which is the Mexican holiday 'Día de Muertos' which celebrates life & remembers loved ones that have passed & to support them on their spiritual journey. The costumes & the drama were epic, from street dancers & artists, musicians, live bands on the various music stages, wrestling bouts, tattoo parlours, freshly made flower garlands, face-painting, Mexican food stalls & restaurants, supper clubs, special talks, literature, art installations from Saatchi, edible grubs & insects, Mezcal bars, filming crews from various TV & media & an all round fiesta atmosphere.

Our CHOCLATL Stand was part of the MEXICAN MARKET celebrating all sorts of traditional, wonderful & colourful crafts, food, drink & culture! We were located perfectly right in the heart of Tobacco Dock. We served HOT SHOTS of Choclatl-Mayan & for many it was a nostalgic reminder of the proper cacao drinks they know from Central & South America or an introduction to how cacao can be thoroughly enjoyed as a drink, in it's purity. Our CHOCLATL AROMAS wafted through the air, as they have done so previously at Olympia & other venues, creating plenty of directional aides to our location under the arches! It was such a pleasure to meet everyone who reached us & share some of the magic & the story of what & why we are doing what we are doing, with them. It was also a great opportunity to share our news of the imminent launch of our products which will go nationwide in the coming weeks.... so very much a PRE-LAUNCH LAUNCH!!! :)

Our heartfelt gratitude to the team of many behind the scenes supporting us every step of the way, with special mention to Kay (Choclatl Creative Genius), Liz & Robert (Choclatl Special Ambassadors), June (Choclatl HQ CEO) for their colossal efforts from beginning to end & for all the laughs all the way home after an EPIC day!!! <3

Wahaca's Day of the Dead clip

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