WE'RE LIVE!!!!!!!

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Introducing 100% Luxurious Stoneground Whole Cacao Bean Cool Hot Chocolate
The Choclatl Drinks Range: Pure * Mayan * Mayan with Agave... with further flavour profiles & products to follow

Almost 2 years of getting a completely unique and new product to market... from 3 wonderful factories, searching the UK and the world for the only bottle and then the elusive black lid, the right labels, in-house designs, refining recipes... patiently pushing forward through all the highs and lows... and we've finally made it! Together with our fabulous partners the Soulful Food Co.

Thanking absolutely everyone wholeheartedly who's been involved every step of the way! <3

#CHOCLIVE #madeintheUK #PortfolioOFproducts #patience&gratitude
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