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We were absolutely thrilled to be able to showcase our new Choclatl drinks launch range at the IFE, one of the biggest food & drink trade exhibitions in Europe. Our heartfelt thanks to the amazing SoulfulFoodCo team who enabled us to share their wonderful stand. It was a very quick last minute decision to join, so we had probably one of thee smallest exhibits of the entire event, but that didn't deter huge swathes of inquisition about our new products. And the curious thing of those taking our display ingredients, walking away eating huge cinnamon sticks or fermented cacao beans! ;) WE LOVE SHOWS, especially the pleasure of sharing the unique taste of stoneground cacao and for the majority of people it's their very first TASTE EXPERIENCE of having pure chocolate. The biggest challenge we have is that everybody WANTS CHOCLATL NOW! And we are doing everything, everything we can, chasing day after day, prospective customers and leads to get it out there!!! It's too good not to share ;)
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